Check out the list of 2019 Food Vendors…

Vendor booths will be open from 10 AM – 6 PM.

2 Peruvians in a Truck – Peru
Lomo Saltado, pan con chicharron, choripan, arroz con pollo, empanadas de ahi de gallina, Hot chicken sandwich, tacos del lomo,

A & J Services – Puerto Rico
Alcapurrias, fried plantain, pina colada (non-alcoholic)

Arees – Sudan
Fool (Fava beans), falafel, traditional drinks

Amor y Churros – Spain
Traditional churros w/sauce, GF/Vegan churros w/sauce, Churros w/filling

Bahn Mi – Vietnam
Vietnamese sub sandwiches and fresh spring rolls

Burritos La Mina – Mexico 
Tacos, burritos

Caracasville – Venezuela
Arepas, empanadas, Venezuelan drinks

Carniceria y Taqueria Don Juan – Mexico
Tacos, Burritos, sides, rice, Jarritos

Chai Wallah – India
Chai, lattes, cookies, Indian chutney

Conexion Americas – Latin America

Comida Venezolo – Venezuela
Pastelitos w/chicken, group beef, & vegetable; Quesillo; arepas

Deg Thai – Thailand 
Red & Green Curry, Basil Stir Fry, Pad Thai, Ribs

Delicias Colombianas – Colombia
Picada, arepas, empanadas

Delicias Bolivianas – Bolivia
Saltenas, tres leche, cheese empanadas

Delicious Food and Happy Home – Serbia
Serbian stuffed cabbage, Serbian sausage, cheese pies, Serbian desserts, Serbian burgers

D&H Centennial Cafe – USA/Nashville
Snow cones (Look for cart near the Children’s Area)

Desi Divas – India 
Veggie Fried Rice, Chili Paneer and/or Gobi Manchurian, Pakora, Spring Rolls and/or Samosa

Essie & Olive – World
All-natural frozen pops (look for cart near the World Stage)

Far East/Peace, Love & Pho – Vietnam

Fattoush Cafe – Greece & Mediterranean
Hummus, Greek &  tabouli salads, falafel, chicken shwarma, gyros, baklava

Gigi’s Crepes – France
Sweet & savory crepes, frappuccinos, tiramisu

I Love Roti – Malaysia
Roti canai (flaky, layered flatbread perfect for dipping in curry or dhal)
Nasi Banjir (“Flooded rice” – coconut rice topped with curry, dhal, and Asian slaw
Mee Goreng (noodle stir-fry with fresh vegetables, egg, and sweet chili sauce
Mango Lassi (Mango and yogurt smoothie)

Jamrock Paradise – Jamaica
Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Jerk fish and Oxtail tacos

Kerala Association – India
Dosa, Sambar,  chatni, chicken 65, indian bread, butter chicken, lessi

King Tut – Egypt
Falafel, hummus, gyro, Chicken shawarma

Maria’s Snacks – Mexico
Fruit Salad, Flour chips, Fruit Water

Merengue Cafe – Dominica-Cuba
Soruyos, bollitos de quest, alcapurrias, empanadas, sweet plantains

Mini Fusion – Pan-Asian
Chicken on a stick with sauce options

Nelly’s Handmade Sweets – Peru
Alfajores; Empanada de carne; Inka Cola

Off the Hook – USA/Cajun
Cajun chicken wings, Cajun catfish, fried okra, French fries, Beef & Pork sausage, strawberry lemonade

Pacific Grille – Phillipines
Grilled marinated pork & chicken, Filipino seasoned noodles with veggies, Garlic fried rice, Summer pickled salad

Ray’s Wings & Things – Southern USA
Wings (Hot, BBQ, and Plain); Sweet Potato; Loaded Ribbon fries; Fruit Tea

Salvadoran Food – El Salvador
Papas Salvadorenas, Pastelitos Salvadoras, Tamales Salvadoreños, Aguas Frescas

Sarepta – El Salvador
Pupusas with Curtido

St. Mina’s Church – Egypt 
Gyro, Chicken, Kofta, Falafel

Sweet Ts Ice Cream – Italy/USA
Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel), Stracciatella, Key Lime Pie, Arctic Lemon, Blood Orange, etc…handmade cones

Switter’s Iced Coffee – World
Nitro Iced Coffee, Dark & Light Roast Black Iced Coffee, Honey Iced Coffee, Sweet Iced Coffee

Taste of Lao – Laos
Fried ramen, Fried rice, beef kebobs, chicken on a stick, crab rangoon, egg rolls, Thai iced coffee, Thai iced tea

Tukul USA – Sudan
Samosas, Shawarma, Laegayma/Zalabiya, Fatayer, Sudanese spicy sweet tea

Varin’s Sweet Shop – Hong Kong
Bubble waffle, bubble tea, Japanese souffle & pancakes

Wild Bills Soda – World

Yum Yays – New Orleans (VEGAN)
New Orleans-style beignets and cafe au lait